Electric Volvo With a Polestar

August 23 2019, Volvo Laval

Electric Volvo With a Polestar

The electric mobility takes away with the all-new Polestar from Volvo. To be perfectly honest, this brand is a combination of the Swedish and Chinese ingenuity, but acquired by Volvo. First of the brand, the Polestar 1 is first and foremost a deluxe sport coupe with numerous innovative characteristics.

The electric vehicles of Volvo Laval are now making a remarked entrance and the Polestar will not go unnoticed this fall. This Volvo electric vehicle is axed towards the performance and elegance of its drive. Volvo Laval, the dealership by excellence in Greater Montreal, near the North Shore and Saint-Jérôme, makes you discover the vehicle of tomorrow.

The Polestar 1: A Rechargeable Hybrid Vehicle

First of all, there’s the Polestar 1, which will be marketed and produced at only 500 units for its first year of existence. Even if at the beginning the Polestar brand was only supposed to propose entirely electric vehicles, the Polestar 1 sets itself apart with its rechargeable hybrid motorization, of which the mission is essentially to connect today’s technology with the technology of tomorrow.

About this, it is made with a 4-cylinder, 2.0-litre Volvo Drive-E thermic engine, enable to generate a maximal power of 374 horsepower. It is a supercharged turbo engine. Two electric engines allow to train the back wheels of the vehicle and their power is equivalent to 218 horsepower. The estimated electric autonomy is 150 km and the combination of the thermic engine and the two electric engines allow to develop more than 600 horsepower and the towing capacity is numbered at 738 lb-ft.

The interior of the vehicle immediately exudes comfort, elegance and luxury. With its heated and adjustable leather seats and steering wheel, its dashboard worthy of a sport car with its sober yet instantly bright dials, the Polestar makes you want to go far and fast. Since it is a Volvo in its soul, the Swedish designer did not skimp on the comfort, the commodities and the functionalities

Better yet, the active and passive security systems are so innovative that we have the impression that nothing can befall us when we are at the wheel of this powerful sporty car. This rechargeable hybrid version does unfortunately not come cheap, but it is worth its share of gold and it is made to last a very long period of time. In short, the brand Polestar is synonym with reliability, sturdiness and longevity, without omitting the comfort, the elegance and a very spacious cabin. 

The Polestar 2: A Luxury Electric Car

After the announcement of the limited edition Polestar 1, Volvo did not sit back. They present us for 2020 the Polestar 2, this luxurious compact car which is100% electric and thus reconnects with the main mission of the brand, which is to make entirely electric models.

This luxurious sedan shares its platform with the XC40 Volvo, and when we sit down in its cabin, we have the feeling of being in a SUV. The leg space room both for the passenger and the people sitting in the back is imposing. With quality materials, we can feel the elegance and the comfort. The multimedia characteristics are numerous and innovative, starting with a super vertical touchscreen which includes a ton of useful functionalities. The dashboard is minimalist, and the steering wheel commands give you the impression of truly being in charge of your vehicle in all safety.

Under the hood, the Polestar 2 comprises a unique moto-propeller group. It is constituted of two electric engines which combined offer a maximum power of 408 horsepower and a towing capacity of 487 lb-ft. Its integrative traction, superior shocks and 20-inch rims give both character and performance to the Polestar 2.

In short, this luxurious sedan offers lots and opens the biggest market of high-end electric vehicles in Canada and Quebec.

Volvo Laval Does What Needs to Be Done!

The information provided on the two Polestar vehicles show just how much Volvo goes forward in terms of the environment. The people at Volvo Laval will tell you and will explain the motives that push them to make you even happier.

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