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Genuine Volvo Brake System - Volvo Laval


Genuine Volvo Brake System - Volvo Laval

Keep Your Volvo A Volvo. Use only Volvo Genuine Parts


To ensure your Volvo is professionally serviced, use the only spare parts that are always guaranteed to carry the same uncompromising promise as the car itself – Volvo Genuine Parts. All Volvo Genuine Parts have been designed, tested and manufactured according to Volvo's detailed specifications, in order to optimally interact with all the parts and systems of your car.

Volvo Genuine brake pads and brake components are developed to work in perfect harmony with your Volvo’s brake system. They are a critical and integral part of Volvo’s Active Safety systems.

Volvo’s independent tests of top aftermarket brake pads demonstrated in braking tests that drivers would have to use an average of 15-20% higher braking force to stop their car. One brand of pad required a 50% increase! Systems such as the Antilock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Electronic Brake Assistance (EBA), City Safety with Automatic Braking, Collision Warning with Automatic Braking and Pedestrian Detection, all rely on the brakes in your Volvo to do their job properly. Higher brake force requirements in aftermarket pads greatly affect the ability of the car to avoid collisions, and to perform to Volvo specifications. Noise and harshness was also greater in all aftermarket pads that Volvo tested.

Accept no substitutes. Learn more about the advantage of Genuine Volvo Brake parts by clicking below.


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